So who is Crossgrain?

Crossgrain doesn’t just make furniture; we preserve history. Crossgrain founder, Devon Evers had no idea that when a picture of a hutch he built for himself endedĀ up on a social media site the response would turn him into a full fledged entrepreneur. Crossgrain currently builds-to-order entirely custom pieces. From tables and headboards to vanities and entry way pieces. A production line is in the works with details to follow.

There is more heart and soul in this…I can be creative, design and sell my own stuff. When somebody tells you that they just love something that you have done it’s a neat feeling.

Devon Evers, Crossgrain founder

Evers currently spends 10-14 hours a day in the Crossgrain shop, with the main focus being work that utilizes reclaimed wood. With an appreciation for history that stems from 5 generations of family farming.

It’s not just selling a piece of furniture. It’s selling a memory.

Devon Evers, Crossgrain founder

The work at Crossgrain allows legacies to change shape and live on.

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